14 Black Wins Rumble!
14 Black Wins Rumble!
16 Purple 1st in Division 2 at Rumble!
12 Black finishes strong
16 Black Takes 2nd at Regional Championships!
ECJVC 15 Black wins Regional Championships!
16 Purple Takes 2nd on 3/15!
17 Black Wins 3/15 Regional!
ECJVC 15 Black wins Capitol Hill Classic!
ECJVC 14 Silver takes 2nd at February 15th regional!
13 Black wins CR tournament on 2.1!
14 White takes 1st at 2.1 Regional!
14 Black wins 2/1 Regional!
ECJVC 15 Black wins January 4th regional!
1st Practice
16s at Nationals
14s at nationals
ECJVC 13 Purple takes 2nd at Regional Championships!
ECJVC 14 Black takes 3rd at Big South!
ECJVC 13 Black takes 2nd on March 16th!
13 Purple takes 2nd at 3/2 Regional!
15 Purple takes 2nd at 2/16 Regional!
14 Black wins the Platinum Regional on 2/16!
14 Purple wins the Gold Regional on 2/16!
16 Black wins Open Division Regional on 2/10
ECJVC 17 Black takes 2nd at their Open Division Regional on 2/10
16 Black takes 2nd at MAPL Hampton!
17 Black earns 3rd at the MCC 17 Open Divsion!
15 Purple earn 4th at MCC
16Blk MCC 1-21-13
ECJVC 12 Black wins 1/12
ECJVC 15 Black Wins Pod on 1/12/13
13 Purple Regional 1
Congratulations 14 Black!

Welcome to East Carolina Junior Volleyball Club

The love of the game, that’s why we do what we do.  It takes an army of supporters to make East Carolina Junior Volleyball Club possible.  Players, coaches, parents, and siblings all spend countless hours on the court, in the gym, and traveling to games and tournaments.  We are okay with that because, for us, it is the player experience, the feelings of success, and camaraderie that really count.  We work hard to ensure our players excel.  We want every player to reach her highest level of potential.  This means a lot of hard work to develop a solid skill set, strength, and endurance.  But, we have a lot of fun along the way too.  Just ask any of our current players or alumni!  Hard work has paid off in a big way for many of our alumni, who now play at the college level.  As proud members of the Carolina Region of USA Volleyball, we encourage anyone interested to tryout for a team next season; competition is high, but if you are willing to give your all to volleyball, we are here to help you succeed!

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What's Coming Up?!
by Kelley Wernert | 04/15/2013