12 Select

12 Select Coaches: Wendie DeHart & Bianca Berry

# Name School
1 Anne-Price Duke St. Peter Catholic School
2 Kelcey Bonner The Oakwood School
3 Clara Evans Arendell Parrot Academy
Francie Taft CM Epps
6 Riley McGalliard Hope Middle 
11 Campbell Rhodes The Oakwood School
12 Kate Wallen WH Robinson
14 Lucy Lefever Hope Middle 
17 Madison Long Hope Middle 
42 Britni Silver Hope Middle 


Tournament Schedule

Date Event Location Result
1/12 Carolina Regional Greenville, NC Tied for 5th
1/18 - 1/20 City of Oaks Raleigh, NC 1st in Gold
2/1 Carolina Regional Greenville, NC Tied for 3rd
2/15 Carolina Regional Climax, NC Tied for 3rd
2/29 Carolina Regional Greenville, NC 1st
3/15 Carolina Regional Greenville, NC canceled
3/28 Regional Championship TBD canceled
6/5-6/7 Big South National Qualifier Atlanta, GA  
4/25 - 4/26 Revolutionary Rumble Williamsburg, VA canceled