Frequently Asked Questions

Why play with ECJVC?
ECJVC is the premier junior volleyball club in Eastern North Carolina. We provide all of our players with a set of knowledge and skills that provide the foundation for success in volleyball. Many of our alumni have gone on to successful careers at the collegiate level. In addition, many players also use ECJVC as a supplement to the skills that are developed on school affiliated teams. The bonds that are established at ECJVC continue on years after players graduate the program. We work hard, play hard, and have a lot of fun! .

How can I play on an ECJVC team?
Every player earns their spot on a team through a tryout process. ECJVC typically holds tryouts for the upcoming season in August for High School athletes and October for Middle School. Keep an eye on our website for an updated tryout schedule. Please have your completed registration and fee paid online before your specific tryout time.  Registration opens July 1st and September 1st respectively.

Can someone who has never been on a volleyball team tryout?
Yes. In fact, some of our younger age group players have never played competitive volleyball before. Everyone must start somewhere, and we pride ourselves in the ability to help a player develop their volleyball skills. We encourage athletes to participate in our clinics, rec leagues, and private lessons. Some of the things looked at in evaluating players are aggressiveness, athleticism, quickness, positive attitude, and determination. We are confident that through guidance, training, and lots of practice we can develop promising athletes into great volleyball players.

Tryout Dates and Times
Tryouts are held at Martin Gym 2 in Greenville, NC. Players should be dressed to play, and have registered and paid their tryout fee online. This fee is non-refundable as it is used to cover the cost of preparing the gym for the tryouts and administrative costs. Please keep a close watch on our website for an updated tryout schedule.

How are teams selected?
The ECJVC coaches conduct all tryouts. Our coaches will run drills and evaluate each athlete’s skills and potential. The tryout process consists of both drills and game play. Keep in mind, the coaches can select players who will make-up individual teams after the first round of tryouts.

Am I guaranteed to make a team if I try out?
No. Although we will do everything possible to select all players at the tryouts to a team, circumstances such as number of kids, coaches, comparative skill level, player age, or number of teams can make it impossible for us to place every player on a team. If a player does not make an ECJVC team, we encourage them to attend any camps and clinics and tryout the following season.

When are the teams selected?
Coaches can begin making offers for our top level teams after the first tryout session.  We will continue the process until all teams are formed.  Athletes are encouraged to attend all tryout sessions and everyone will be contacted whether they make a team or not.

How many teams are there in ECJVC?
Each year the number of teams in the club depends on an assortment of variables, including: number of players, number of coaches, comparative skill level, player age, and court space.

What is the difference between a Regional level team and a National level?
ECJVC offers Regional, Select, Premier, and National level teams. The difference between the levels is representative of the tournament schedule played (and costs associated with them). See the different team level options under our Tryout Details section, which will include program guides and open house information.

Why does ECJVC have Regional level and a National level teams?
The level of volleyball talent in Eastern North Carolina has drastically increased in recent years; we want to continue to develop and contribute to the strength of volleyball in the Greenville area. In order to do this, we feel our high level athletes need to compete in a tournaments that are bigger and stronger than the standard regional tournaments. Playing a National level schedule helps us achieve this. We also have the ability to offer and host regional level tournaments for those who love volleyball, want to continue to grow, and prepare for their future volleyball teams!

One perceived negative of competing on the national level is the cost, as travel and accommodations to two and three day tournaments. We feel that the benefit teams gain from competing on the national level significantly outweigh the costs that are incurred.

What are the benefits of playing in bigger tournaments?
Some of the benefits of playing in bigger tournaments are as follows:

  • Competition against top teams from other states and regions
  • Variety in our playing schedules
  • Ability to play in a large number of matches of a short two-three day period
  • Traveling and playing in larger tournaments encourages camaraderie and team building in the players
  • College coaches and recruiters often scout at these tournaments
  • The higher level of play experienced at larger tournaments makes us better volleyball players and stronger teams

What are the tournament schedules?
While tournament schedules vary from season to season, the Carolina Region clubs typically host tournaments from January through March. We will post all tournament schedules in our program guides during the tryout registration period. Keep a close watch on our events calendar and Tryout Details page for this year’s tournament schedule.

In addition, you can find more information on the Mid-Atlantic Power League tournaments by visiting their website,

The City of Oaks Challenge is held in Raleigh, NC over Martin Luther King Weekend, and The Big South Qualifier is held in Atlanta, GA. Other popular tournaments include the Northeast Qualifier, held in Pittsburgh, PA in April and the Revolutionary Rumble, held in Williamsburg, VA.

Where are the Regional Tournaments?
The Regional Tournaments are held throughout North Carolina. We have hosted some tournaments in Greenville, traveled to Raleigh, Greensboro, Charlotte, Ashville, and everywhere in between. Unfortunately, we do not know where each tournament is going to be until a few weeks before the tournament date. Regional locations will be posted on the Carolina Region website.

How many players are on each team?
Depending on many factors, a typical team will have between nine and eleven players.

Is playing time guaranteed at the tournaments?
No. While we make every effort to ensure that all athletes get some play time during games and tournaments, volleyball is a team sport and the coaches must take care of the team first. Our coaches will make efforts to play everyone in these tournaments, but there is no guarantee of play time. Many things can be learned by observing the technique and strategies used during a given game, so we require all athletes to stay invovled in every point whether on the bench or on the floor. ECJVC doesn’t guarantee “equal” play time but coaches strive to provide “fair” play time at tournaments.

Will the players that have less playing time in tournaments still become better volleyball players?
Yes. The training and hard work put in during practices will continue to raise the level of all players’ games. In actuality, players actually play and compete more during their own practice and training sessions than they do in tournaments. Our ECJVC coaches make every effort to make each athlete on the team a better all-around player starting at practices.

How many coaches are there for each team?
There are typically two coaches per team. Generally, the coach to player ratio is 1:5. This low coach to player ratio better enables coaches to provide feedback to players and actively engage in helping each player to improve his or her game.

Who are the coaches?
Our pool of ECJVC coaches consists of community members who are talented and knowledgeable in all things volleyball. Many of our coaches have played at the collegiate level and/or have coached travel volleyball in the past. As we have been around for more than a decade now, we even have some ECJVC alumni who are now coaches in our league!

We pride ourselves in recruiting the most talented and dedicated volleyball coaches around. All of our ECJVC coaches are united in the common desire of wanting to help the community continue to increase the level of volleyball play in Greenville and surrounding areas!

See the “Coaches” page for a list of our current coaches and assistant coaches.

When are practices?
Each team will have one or two practices per week throughout the season (most weeks will be two practices). Our goal is to have our Select and Regional level teams practice on Mondays and Wednesdays for 2 hours and our Premier and National level teams practice on Tuesdays and Thursdays for 2.5 hours.  The specific days and times each team will practice will be determined after teams have been formed. Keep a close watch on our NEWS tab for updated team schedules.

Will there be Open Gyms time and other opportunities for extra practice?
Yes. There are official and unofficial open gyms during the season. Official open gyms are the nights where we have an ECJVC coaching staff member at Martin to direct the volleyball activities (such as form teams, mini tournaments, game play, etc.). These official open gym dates will be announced at a later date. Unofficial open gyms are days where there is no staff member there to conduct the volleyball activities; they are just there to observe and keep athletes safe. Players arrange with other friends to go play volleyball, work on a specific skill, workout, etc. any time they want to, as long as the courts aren’t being used.  We also will offer free skill clinics to our current members throughout the travel season.

Are there any private lessons for the players to get extra work with a coach?
Yes. Coaches are available for private lessons, however, first priority of the courts goes to scheduled ECJVC practices. If you are interested in private lessons, please contact Kelley Krainiak for details on cost and scheduling..

Is anyone authorized to coach a private lesson?
No. Private lessons held at Martin Gym must be approved in advance by our Executive Director, Kelley Krainiak!

Can anyone play open gym volleyball at Martin?
Yes. Please contact Kelley Krainiak to reserve a spot on a court!

What are the start and finish dates of official practices?
Practices typically begin before Thanksgiving with our Mandatory Skill Training Sessions. Teams will end in March for Regional teams, April for Select and Premier level teams, and June for National level teams. The official start/finish dates will be announced with the release of practice schedules.

What kind of equipment / uniform is required?
Uniform tops and practice tees are mandatory and paid for by each individual. Players may use last year’s uniform tops if their team or the club continues to use the same jerseys. New players are required to purchase matching team jerseys.

Players need to provide their own spandex shorts, knee pads, socks, and shoes. Ankle braces are optional. Other apparel, such as warm-up suits, sweatshirts, and club t-shirts are also optional through the Ink'd Threads website.

Can parents be involved in helping to run ECJVC?
Yes! ECJVC is a non-profit organization, managed and run by parent volunteers. Our Board of Directors meets monthly to share information and make decisions. Members are welcome to attend any meeting, and are encouraged to seek a position on the Board. Positions include President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, and Committee Chairs. An annual meeting is held in November to vote on the Board Members and review the annual budget.

What is a team representative?
A parent will be selected from each team to be the “team rep" for our middle school teams. The Team Rep is responsible for disseminating tournament information to the team, sending in photos of their team, helping the coaches with team contact and organization, organizing meals with team parents for the Regional Tournaments, organizing players/parents for cleanup, etc. Once teams are formed, Team Reps will be chosen.

Who arranges travel and what are the hotel arrangements?
Multi-day tournaments will require overnight stays. ECJVC Directors serve as a Travel Coordinators to secure blocks of rooms at group rates for the larger multi-day tournaments such as City of Oaks, Mid-Atlantic Power League, and Big South Tournaments. Teams will be provided this information as far in advance as possible in order to better plan for the trips. Travel to and from tournaments is the responsibility of the player’s family. Some players may make arrangements to travel with and stay with other families, or some teammates and parents may opt to share a room to lower the cost. There will be times when families and coaches may opt to spend a night in a hotel prior to a regional tournament depending on the location.

Are parents expected to attend every tournament?
Parents are NOT REQUIRED to attend tournaments; however, it is the family’s responsibility to get their athlete to and from the tournament and assume responsibility for any overnight accommodations. Of course, all of our family members and supporters are encouraged to cheer on the team when in attendance!

What about food during a tournament?
Time does not typically allow players to leave a tournament site to get meals. Parents will be assigned, or sign-up to bring food to share with the team and their families for most regional tournaments. The team usually sets up an area similar to a “tailgate” with snacks, food, and drinks available for the players and their families. This also helps reduce the cost, in lieu of eating in restaurants. Concessions are available at some regional tournaments. National tournaments held in Convention Centers usually do not allow outside food to be brought in. In these cases, concession stands and restaurants are usually on-site.

Do Regional tournaments require an overnight stay?
Most regional tournaments are within driving range for a day trip. However, there will be some tournaments held in the western part of the state that may require an overnight stay. Locations are posted on the Carolina Region website, as much in advance as possible. Pool play assignments and times are not usually posted until the week of the tournament; however, pool play usually begins at 9:00 am.

What is the officiating clinic?
All players must be certified scorekeepers and officials to participate. This training is provided online through the Carolina Region. There is no additional cost to our players for this. All players must be certified each year.

Will there be help in the college recruiting process?
Girls wishing to continue playing at the collegiate level should talk with their coach and Kelley Krainiak to learn more about the recruiting process. There are very specific NCAA rules about contact with college coaches. Some of the tournaments will offer a Recruiting Information Session for high school age players. These are very informative and helpful for those wanting to learn more about this next step.

What does it cost to play ECJVC?

Base Cost:
This includes: USAV Memberships for team, coaches, team rep, and club; mandated background screening for coaches and team reps; IMPACT certification for coaches/team reps; salary for coaches; insurance: property & liability; web site maintenance; officiating clinic; administrative expenses; and equipment expenses.

These tournament costs do not include player/parent travel and accommodations.

PLUS… Additional Costs:
 * USAV Membership, paid online to USA Volleyball
 * Two-three uniform jerseys

Costs will be explained at the Open House and with each team. ECJVC payments are split into 5-7 installments to make it more manageable for families. Please note that although a great deal of time was spent estimating and calculating these costs, they are subject to change based on any adjustments to the planned tournament schedule.

Are there discounts for multi-player families?
Yes! There is a discount for multi-players in the same family.