Interested in Playing College Volleyball?

Important Websites to register for:

  • Register for Clearinghouse -
    • Need to fill this out to even start the process!
    • Proves you are an amateur and eligible to be a prospective student-athlete
  • Register for University Athlete -
    • Huge for coaches to see you during tournaments!
    • Very easy way for them to find you, your court, playing times, etc.

Important Definitions

  • Prospective student-athlete - Begins when the student enters 9th grade; may also be prior to that if coaches give the student, their family, or friends any financial aid or other benefits that the college doesn’t offer other students.
  • Contact period - Coach may have in-person contact with a S.A. on or off campus; coach may watch the S.A. play; S.A. can visit the school; coach can write/telephone during this time.
  • Dead period - No in-person contact with S.A. or parent; they can write/telephone during this time.
  • Quiet period - No in-person contact with S.A or parent; coach may not watch S.A. play or practice, S.A. can visit campus and coach can write/telephone during this time.

How can ECJVC help?

  • Creating flyers for tournaments
  • Skills/Match Highlight video
  • Contacting schools that are of interest to the player
  • Meeting with Kelley Krainiak on goals, ability, and desired level of play

Additional Preparation

  • One of the most important tools for recruits is an athletic resume. A well-constructed resume gives college coaches valuable information about a student-athlete's athletic accomplishments and their academic strengths.  I Believe Posters takes your resume to another level by adding action photos so your resume can stand out from the thousands of resumes they see every day! Let them help you take your skills to the next level!  Visit for more information!